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plunging right in

hi. jmeanne, 23, hopeless book-junkie. :)

now in the interest of debate...

has anyone read The Nanny Diaries?

i absolutely loathed this book. the characters were completely un-redeeming, shallow, and self-involved. even the main character which i suppose you're intended to identify with was little more than a greedy, spineless, opportunist. harsh you say? wait there's more...

I got this book and at the same time was reading a sociology-type book titled Orphans of the Living(on a side note - this is a fairly tangible-yet readable intro to the foster care system and worth looking into) but I digress...the book on foster-care was much less depressing than the window into the wealthy given by the Nanny Diaries.

granted i suppose much of this isn't the author's fault. i imagine things are very similar to the way she portrays them and as far as actual writing goes...that wasn't particularly horrendous. the story and the people in it just plain
disgusted me. i get the villain archetype, i really do. but geez...when foster care becomes an upper it really makes ya think.
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